We were fortunate enough to meet our client, Angel, of GarCal Construction through another client that was highly pleased with our services. He needed quality images taken of his work to showcase on his newly renovated website. We showed up and took images that both he and his web designer were very pleased with and he asked if Pinnacle Tour could handle a whole home with video. We offered him our best package including images, video narration, and a YouTube video on his channel. The finish product conveys a powerful message of skilled workmanship by GarCal Construction and Angel was very pleased with the results.

Amazing-Remodel-Image-12Angel is not only a highly talented craftsman, he has a good eye for design as well. It was immediately clear to our photographer that this guy knows exactly what he is doing, as you will see in this amazing remodel. The home was stripped to its studs and everything was touched by him and his crew. There are a few show stopper spaces in this remodel so let’s start in the kitchen where it’s evident a lot of work was done.

Amazing-Remodel-Image-10 Amazing-Remodel-Image-2 Amazing-Remodel-Image-3

This kitchen is gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want this in their home? Everything is so well done, the materials are seamless and the space speaks volumes of his work. Now, let’s move into the living area: the big windows, the view, the beams, mmm such a winner here.


We did say that everything was ripped to the studs including all the rooms, the guest bathrooms… EVERYTHING. Here are a few shots from other renovated spaces in the home:

Amazing-Remodel-Image-5 Amazing-Remodel-Image-4

Let’s move downstairs to the theater space, which features a screen on the wall, a big comfy couch, surround sound, a projector and great view. Then you turn around and see a beautifully laid out kitchenette. Heck yes! Beer me.

Amazing-Remodel-Image-8 Amazing-Remodel-Image-7

We saved the best of this amazing remodel for last. The master bathroom is truly a work of art. It’s a perfect mix of industrial, rustic details and refined elegance. This room is such a beautiful space and so incredibly well done.

Amazing-Remodel-Image-13 Amazing-Remodel-Image-9Amazing-Remodel-Image-1

We had to throw Angel some extra props for this stunning floor that he both designed and built. This guy is a true professional and you should seriously book him for your next project.


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