Why Us you ask?

“Why Us?” is a question we take very seriously, it’s what we ask ourselves everyday. Why would you choose us? We answer that with our ideas, philosophies and packages that strive for one thing: to have you choose us as your real estate media company. You belong here, and we are happy to have you.


Our number one question when forming Pinnacle Tour was, “How do we give our clients even more, but maintain world class quality?”.  The answer we came up with is simple, to keep our prices as low as possible, bundle as many services into our packages and hire the best talent. We have an unshakable bent on protecting the quality of our product and refuse to compromise the quality of our work in order to bring prices down. Not only are our packages as robust as they have ever been, but we do all it for a very reasonable price.


We employ only the highest quality photographers we can find. Our photographers have years of experience in the real estate industry and many of them work with sister genres such as hospitality, architectural and with interior designers to create striking portfolios. We have assembled photographers that truly care about delivering high quality work and are happy to do it. We are able to maintain such high quality photographers because we dedicate whole regions to one photographer and in return we get top notch talent. “Why Us?” starts with delivering quality goods, so it makes sense to hire the best photographers.


Our core philosophy of “Why Us?” is to give as much as we can, where we can. We put that into practice with the industry’s best fully loaded “basic package”.

  • No cap on the image count, we deliver all the images the property needs
  • All images edited using our proprietary HDR+ platform
  • No extra charge for large homes
  • An exceptional tour view player with every image movement created for visual impact
  • Automatic video publication to your YouTube channel
  • Fast 48 hour maximum turn around, in many cases images and tour are ready within 24 hours
  • A customized property webpage with virtual tour player, agent contact info, additional image gallery, Walk Score, interactive map and contact forms
  • Automatically generated brochures based on the webpage we create for your property
  • Mobile phone and tablet ready responsive designs
  • Branded and unbranded tour links for posting to MLS and your personal website
  • Integrated social media links with posting and sharing options
  • Advanced webpage analytics with Lead Generator
  • 24 hour agent access to add or change property details
  • Multiple design and layout options


All of the images are edited using our proprietary HDR+ technique, you won’t get this style anywhere else. The images come back looking sharp, clean and exceptionally lit. Our editors use a much more advanced post processing method that blends the flash and bracketed exposures into gorgeous, highly detailed images. Our editing weapon of choice is a more tedious luminosity mask with flash blends, along with a proprietary blend of our company’s treasured secrets. Sure it takes more time, but it’s the best way to edit images. To top it off our quality control team scrutinizes every single image before it ever sees the light of the world wide web.


“Why Us?” means charging a fair price for the extras that will help you shine. There isn’t a whole lot left you will need to produce a show stopping product for clients. However, there are a few, and we promise not to gouge you for them either.

  • VIDEO –  A great way to compliment any tour is with our HD video. The video will highlight features in the home and give the viewer a great sense of what it’s like to be right inside the home.
  • ADVANCED NARRATION – We offer a narration to any tour and of course we pack everything into it that we can, starting with professional script writers. You won’t have to worry about writing the script yourself. Our professional writers will ask you questions about the property and create a custom script all for you. Next, we hire a professional voice actor that will narrate your unique script. Because our motto is “Why Us?”, English is the primary language chosen and you have the option of selecting two additional languages for free. Finally, the narration is all wrapped up with music that compliments the tour.
  • OFF SITE VIDEO – We can add a highlight video commonly called “B-Roll” to any home package. This is especially good for any home with features that are a selling point to its location such as parks, restaurants, public transit or a great neighborhood.
  • TWILIGHT There are few images more dramatic than a twilight image. There is something magical about “blue hour”, a perfect balance of warm lights and cool sky. If you want to stand out with a single image this is how you do it.
  • AGENT INTRO VIDEO A short introductory video clip that allows the real estate agent to introduce the home, its features, neighborhood, schools or location benefits.